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Sleep Cocoon
Sleep Cocoon
Sleep Cocoon
Sleep Cocoon

Sleep Cocoon

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Struggling to get a goodnight’s deep sleep?

The Sleep Cocoon was designed by sleep experts with the intention for each user to enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep! 

Featuring lightweight, breathable stretch fabric, that applies gentle pressure to your body whilst you sleep, so you’ll always be comforted through a pleasant sensation whilst maintaining the ideal temperature!


Why the Sleep Cocoon is perfect:

  • Perfect fit & flexibility
  • Adapts to your ideal sleep position
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Machine-washable

Our team of sleep experts spent months to finally create a cocoon so well-balanced, it would contribute to better sleep through:

  • Even weight distribution
  • Calming & comforting hug-like sensation
  • Breathable, lightweight fabrics


The Sleep Cocoon is not a regular, oversized, bulky weighted blanket but a sleek second skin like feel, giving you the freedom to sleep however you like - one leg out, arm by your side or under your head it’s all possible!

Sizing chart - size 00 to size 4 (women’s) and 22 inch to 27 in waist (men’s), choose small. Size 6 to 12 (women’s) or 28 inch to 32 inch (men’s)  choose medium. Size 14 to 22 (women’s) or 33 inch to 42 inch (men’s) choose large

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