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RuariLuu Acu-Headband

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Do you suffer from constant headaches or a headspace that feels?

It’s time you experienced clarity, focus, and the satisfaction of relaxation! The RuariLuu headband is your solution to ultimate state of relaxation!

How to use?
1. Place the headband lightly around the forehead and temples.
2. Find a quiet position and relax.
3. Enjoy the relaxation your busy mind experience whilst supporting normal recovery from headaches.  

How it will benefit me?

  • Support recovery from headaches
  • Provides a clearer mind
  • Eliminates clogged feeling
  • Stimulates circulation & blood flow


  • Adjustable strap to fit all sizes
  • Weight: 90 grams
acupressure headband
RuariLuu Acu-Headband
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