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Compression Leg Massager
Compression Leg Massager
Compression Leg Massager
Compression Leg Massager

Compression Leg Massager

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Suffering from aches, pains and unwanted tension in your legs?

The compression leg massager is here to relieve fatigue & pain to provide fast recovery and improve overall circulation. Its compact size makes it perfect to take wherever you go and its adjustability makes it ideal for all sizes.

Ideal for:

  • Poor circulation
  • Restless leg syndrome¬†
  • Varicose veins
  • Tight calves


It works by utilising air compression to provide an effective massage therapy. Providing a squeeze and release type technique to ensure the blood flows throughout the system. , that provides a tightening feeling throughout the impacted areas. It even has an automatic shut-off after 20 minutes which makes it perfect, to turn on, leave and forget.


How to use:

  1. Use the velcro strapping and wrap around your legs to your desired setting. 
  2. Choose out of the 2 heat settings available for your desired heat. 
  3. Switch to your preferred massage mode out of the 3 settings.



Heating Functionality for Pain Relief -
Heat provides an increase in blood flow and circulation to those stressed areas. Ultimately loosening tight trigger points, whilst softening muscles to decrease stiffness and increase flexibility.

Sequential Compression Massage -
Offering 3 different massage modes that provide a unique form of muscular tension release and intensity levels. 

Automatic Switch Off - 
It even has an automatic switch off after the recommended 20 minutes, leaving you with the ability to turn on, enjoy and forget about.


  • Rechargeable battery when fully charged lasts 60-90 minutes
  • Size - 42-62cm

Shipping Time: 2-8 Days Aus Wide