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Want your feet to enjoy freedom whilst keeping cool, fresh, safe and clean?
It’s the comfort your feet have been searching for... Ideal for when standing on your RuariLuu Acu Foot Mat. The RuariLuu Exposed Socks have been designed with a large opening to provide your feet exposure for breathability, allowing you to enjoy the barefoot feeling giving your feet the best of both worlds. 
 Equipped with non-slip silicone soles it gives you the confidence of stability when you’re on the move.

Ideal for





How to use it..

1. Place the headband lightly around the forehead and temples. 

2. Find a quiet position and relax. 

3. Enjoy the relaxation your busy mind experience whilst supporting normal recovery from headaches.  

What's Included?

1x Pair RuariLuu Exposed Socks  
Take care of your RuariLuu Exposed Socks by following our careguide.