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Why not enjoy a gentle, soothing massage throughout the course of your day!
This enjoyable, easy to use portable self-massage tool provides stimulation throughout the finger by providing warmth and lubrication to specific joints on your finger, through it's triangular shaped points that apply pressure to promote stimulation.It also allows you to combat anxiety, stress and even provides you with an improved focus throughout your day!

How will it benefit me?

Stimulation applied by the acu points to various pressure points throughout the body provide:

Stimulates nerves & reflexology on fingers 

Relax finger stiffness and numbness

Promotes circulation & relieves tension in tied fingers 

How to use it..

1. Place the ring on your desired finer. 

2. Roll the ring up and down each finger around 20-40 times. 

3. Enjoy the activation of pressure points throughout your finger and the many other benefits.


Made from stainless steel 
Weighs 4 grams per acu-ring 

What's included?

10x RuariLuu Acu-Rings