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Constantly on the go and suffering from a stiff neck?

Introducing the Acu Travel Pillow designed for those on the go that desperately seek that tension release throughout their neck!Created with thousands of acuspikes located at various positions, to provide in-depth tension release.
Convenient design to take with you on the go
Strategic positioned acu spikes for pressure point stimulation
Traditional chinese pressure technique application


Acu Spike Pressure

By placing the Acu Travel Pillow around your neck, it enables the acu spikes to apply force to pressure points in the neck.

How to use it..

The RuariLuu Acu Mat and pillow are commonly used on the neck, shoulders, back and feet, however can benefit your entire body. 

1. Lie down on the mat gently applying pressure to the impacted area

 2. After several minutes experience a deep warming sensation, easing the muscles, relaxing the body and supporting natural rejuvenation 

3. Relax and enjoy the deep calming stimulation! 

*We recommend a minimum 20 minutes per day to experience desired results!

What’s Included?

1x Acu Travel Pillow  

How to use it… 

Wrap the pillow around your neck with the gap facing your throat. Enjoy a deep tension release

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