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On your feet all day and need to release that tension?
The RuariLuu Acu-Foot Mat is designed to provide a refreshing, stimulation to those tired and tense feet. Each acupressure point has been ergonomically designed to apply pressure to various points in the feet ultimately providing those much need healing effects.Our compact size guarantees the ability to take it wherever you go and even use discreetly at work.

How will it benefit me?

Promotes energy flow through the body  

Enhances blood circulation from the feet up  

Stimulate nerves  

Relieves tension, fatigue & pain through the feet  

How to use it..

1. Gently stand on the matt ensuring contact with the soles of your feet and the acupressure points. 

2. Stand and enjoy the tension release!


Size: 35.5x32cm  
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