We’re all victims to the fast-paced rhythm of life and often get caught up with everyday activities that prove to be strenuous on both the body and mind. We all know how essential it is to take time for yourself to recharge your body and mind. There’s nothing that says ‘treat yourself’ better than a deep satisfying release of muscle tension! Nowadays most spa facilities or even acupuncture can cost significant amounts of money and continuous visits.

Our intention was to create something unique and fulfilling, that was able to provide everyone a positive change to their wellbeing in the comfort of their home which is why the RuariLuu Acu Mats and pillows were created!

The RuariLuu Acu Mat and pillow mimics ancient acupuncture techniques that reproduce the benefits and make the practice of acupressure more widely available.

Designed to soothe headaches, reduce stress, promote blood circulation, release tension, encourage deep sleep and relax muscles.
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