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Love it!

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I use it daily and it has definitely released that tension through out my back! Its even helped me with getting a good nights sleep!
Emily. H

So helpful!

I’m constantly training and working out, so its been extremely helpful having the acu bundle to lie on and release that muscular tension!
Matt. C

My saviour!

Love my Hand Genius!!! This hand massager has been an absolute saviour! My days are spent on a desktop so it’s safe to say my hands certainly get a good workout on the keyboard! I take this massager wherever I go so i can keep my hands feeling fresh & rejuvenated! Its so compact and lightweight so taking it with me wherever I go is super easy!
Jess. A


They are designed to be incorporated into your everyday routines as a wellness tool for overall health and healing. Specifically used to support deep sleep, healthy circulation, muscle recovery, relief from pain or discomfort, relaxation and promotion of general wellbeing. These benefits are now available to you in the comfort of your home or wherever you please, through the principles of acupressure!
For many years acupressure has been a well known, trusted healing practice from Eastern Medicine. This may seem new to the western culture but it actually dates back 2,000 years and currently being utilised by reputable practitioners worldwide. The RuariLuu Acu Mat replicates this ancient healing technique to assure reproduction of these benefits, whilst making the practice of acupressure readily available to people in the comfort of their homes or wherever they please!
It feels like thousands of spikes slowly applying pressure to your skin and muscles. Like most, initially this experience can be uncomfortable and prickly. This will only last a couple of minutes before a tingly sensation begins to occur, similar to deep heat, as the area warms. The uncomfortable feeling slowly diminishes as muscles start to feel relaxed and tension eases. Eventually this will lead to feelings of euphoria, as you enter a state of deep relaxation you’ll notice yourself beginning to nod off to sleep. It’s important to understand that we all have different sensitivity to pain and for some that may mean it will take only a couple of minutes to adjust to the RuariLuu Acu Mat, while others may take a couple of sessions. Where over time, your body will adjust to the initial discomfort, as slowly your body will begin to respond to any pressure applied by the mat.
By placing the RuariLuu Acu Mat against your body, the spikes immediately exert pressure on your skin. For your first session, begin by applying the Pillow to your neck or shoulders and the Mat to your back or feet, as these areas are the most commonly affected by tension. Please note that the mat and pillow can be used wherever you feel like it’s require most. There is no limit for time or frequency of one session however we do recommend at least 20 minutes to experience the entire acupressure effect, beware as the majority of users fall asleep on the Mat. Try this for your first few sessions! Begin by wearing a thin t-shirt, or place a pillow case over your Mat while your body adjusts. It’s important to note, bare skin is best to experience the full acupressure effect. Some frequently used areas include the bed, the floor, on a seat, or on a couch.
The experience isn’t deemed on a peron’s weight however a person's level of skin sensitivity that determines what they feel. Whatever your weight you can be confident in using any RuariLuu products!
We strictly don’t recommend the use of the RuariLuu Acu Mat to women that are pregnant. Certain acupressure points have been known to be used in order to induce labour, so if you’re pregnant we always recommend consulting your medical professional before using the Mat.
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